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Zadarma Integrates Cloud Communications with Zoho and Salesforce

December 14, 2017

VoIP and the cloud are enabling a new era of integration and performance. In recent years, cries have grown louder regarding the integration of CRM and communications solutions in place. The added information and context combined with ease of access makes for a powerful sales and customer service proposition.

This week, Zadarma announced integrations with ZOHO CRM and Salesforce, melding cloud-based telephony with feature and data rich tools to drive an organization’s bottom line. From client pop-up cards and call recordings, to statistics and expanded functionality, the future is bright for this cloud communications company. 

“We have worked very hard to provide our clients with an opportunity to benefit from the integration of an excellent telephony service with the top CRM systems. The integration functionality has been tested by our specialists, Zoho and Salesforce representatives and our existing clients,” noted Zadarma team representatives.

The integration is automated, and only takes a few minutes. Zadarma does not require customers to work with agents or modules; users save time and money and, more importantly, can keep the eye on the prize – building the organization through exceptional customer service and a stellar sales team.

“Zoho and Salesforce are among the top CRM systems that provide flexible and widely used solutions to businesses in Europe, North and South America and other parts of the world. We see the collaboration with these giants as a big step onto the world stage. At the same time, we continue staying true to ourselves and to our clients by ensuring that the integration with the CRM systems, just like our cloud PBX, is completely free of charge. Our mission is to facilitate business communication with clients without the need to overpay for the additional features,” stated Zadarma team representatives.

CRM and cloud communications, much like peanut butter and jelly, are meant to be together. Is your CRM integrated into your communications system?

Edited by Erik Linask

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