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Digium Go80 Goes to Market

December 05, 2017

It’s funny. In sports, an asterisk is a scarlet letter on an athlete’s career, yet in business communications, Asterisk is a name to embrace. Developed by Digium, this open source VoIP solution is showing no signs of slowing down. And this week, the Asterisk Company continued to make waves in the unified communications world.

Digium unveiled Go80 today, a user-friendly, 8-port media gateway offering VoIP systems analog connectivity. With the addition, the Digium portfolio boasts and end-to-end unified communications offering for businesses.

The Go80 provides users with an easy to navigate interface, and was developed to seamlessly integrate with the Switchvox UC platform. It automatically attaches to Switchvox SIP endpoints, and implements call routing between the Switchvox platform and the gateway.

And, in an effort to ease user adoption, Digium chose to use the same graphical user interface (GUI) as Switchvox, enabling a smooth transition with a minimal learning curve. Gateway deployment is a mere few clicks away, and setup wizards will guide administrators through the entire process.

"With the G080 media gateway, organizations can now easily deploy on-site VoIP phone systems without the obstacle of analog connectivity," said Charlie Wilson, director of developer products at Digium. "The G080 saves customers time during installation and creates a more efficient deployment process by reducing the usual technological complexity of connecting analog to SIP. The integration between Switchvox and the new analog gateway raises the bar for ease-of-installation with its plug-and-play deployment capabilities. And, because the G080 is built on Asterisk, internetworking with other communications systems is simple and straightforward."

With new communications systems there is typically a learning curve, and when working with disparate components from different vendors the curve can steepen quite dramatically. Digium is delivering a one vendor, user friendly, end-to-end portfolio capable of supporting all of your communication and collaboration needs.

What VoIP system is your business using?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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