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TigerText Unveils TigerFlow

December 01, 2017

TigerText introduced its new clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform, TigerFlow Enterprise. Three years in the making, TigerFlow is geared toward the world’s biggest healthcare organizations and work on fixing issues in workflow communications.

TigerText is not new to the secure messaging world as it has spent almost 10 years developing its system. TigerFlow gives organizations a simple link to the EHR while managing an array of clinical alerts and making calls through integrated VoIP technology.

Additional capabilities of TigerFlow include faster transitions of care, fewer medical errors, all leading to overall higher patient/provider satisfaction. This is possible via embedded workflow communications, vital to addressing and targeting pertinent healthcare issues that TigerFlow is looking to rectify. TigerFlow enables calling between the TigerText app and PBX system; immediate, one-tap calling from a specific doctor; and video calls between doctors for consults.

“TigerText mimics the existing workflow of a hospital. The minutes that we can shave off of a particular process are really important to the patient. They’re also important to the bottom line,” said Jonathan Berkowitz, M.D., Medical Director, Interfacility Transfer, Regional Emergency Services, and Disaster Medicine. “You want your technology to make your process work better, which TigerText does.”

TigerFlow has the ability to access the proper specialists and alert them of incoming patients in real-time. Often, events can sit for hours, waiting for a staff member to log in. That is no longer an issue. TigerFlow looks to solve the last minute issues that may arise, including discharges, transfers, all the way to the bedside, allowing a clear and concise path to be followed by the staff so virtually no communications are left unfilled.

As of now, TigerText is in 6500 facilities, touting 99.99 percent uptime, and 10 million messages processed per day and TigerFlow will just add to these numbers. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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