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VoIP Provider VoiceOnyx Reaches 100 Million Minutes of Global Phone Traffic

November 22, 2017

Orlando-based VoIP business, VoiceOnyx, announced it has reached 100 million minutes in international telephone traffic. This marks a major landmark for the company and how far it has come as well as the progression of the VoIP market on an international level. There’s no question VoIP is the new standard for voice services, and VoiceOnyx is intent on driving adoption as quickly as possible.

The location of VoiceOnyx has helped immensely as Orlando is a direct tourist hub. Along with the warm weather and beaches, Orlando is home to such attractions as Universal Studios Orlando, Walt Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, and SeaWorld. Florida has pulled in more than 60 million tourists during the first part of 2017 alone; no telling what the final tally will be come January 1, 2018.

With the amount of visitors at such heights, it is no surprise that one hundred million minutes have been amassed. Though based in Orlando, VoiceOnyx’s supplies services to crucial call centers campaigning through Latin America. By providing the services on a global level, the company has the ability to attract new businesses while enhancing profitability.

VoiceOnyx supplies its VoIP services to a wide array of companies, such as hospitality, tourism, and travel agencies. By doing so, it keeps the company in touch with its global clientele as well as one of the main suppliers for local companies looking to expand upon and link with a global audience. Though maintaining an international presence is key, VoiceOnyx is keen on maintaining a small business mentality, offering clients 24/7 onsite and internet assistance.

Some of VoiceOnyx’s customers include Feltrim Group, Evolve Media Group, Concierge Realty, International Professional Realty, and Vacation Village Resorts.

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