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ReadyTalk Teams with Temasys to Replace Flash with WebRTC

November 20, 2017

Temasys has announced that ReadyTalk selected the Temasys’ WebRTC plug-in. It will seamlessly and safely deliver collaboration between ReadyTalk consumers across browsers that include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. With the implementation of WebRTC, the need for Flash will be eradicated.

ReadyTalk saw a better way to enhance the audio and video user experience through HTML5, which WebRTC provides. It also allows ReadyTalk to transfer and receive audio and video through the removal of former Flash technology, bringing ReadyTalk into the modern communications world, as Flash is quickly becoming an outdated technology.

“Flash is far outmoded, and can pose both security and performance risks. WebRTC is built for web-based voice, video, and data communication. Still, a significant number of potential users need to use web browsers that don't fully support WebRTC,” said Chip Wilcox, Chief Product Officer for Temasys. “We are pleased to help ReadyTalk make the transition from Flash to WebRTC for all of their users, with our WebRTC plug-in.”

Temasys assists business app developers as well as service providers to quickly integrate voice, video, chat, and data transfer to any app, any device, any scale, allowing browsers and apps to communicate with one another easily.  But, what about users who have browsers that do not support WebRTC?

“For our customers who use IE11 and Safari, the Temasys plug-in allows them to have the full ReadyTalk experience without having to use Flash,” added Samantha Morgan, Senior Product Manager at ReadyTalk. “We chose to work with Temasys because of their proven track record and commitment to customer success. They are known for solving issues such as the one we were facing, so selecting Temasys was an easy decision.”

Along with full WebRTC support, Temasys provides personalization choices as well as screen sharing and HTTP proxy support, the usage of H.264 video and custom branding. WebRTC has vast implications to the future of real-time communications and is rapidly replacing the once-popular Flash player.  It goes to show you that technology never stands still and the apps that businesses were one reliant upon are now becoming obsolete.

Are you still trying to communicate with outdated technology?

Edited by Erik Linask

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