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FreeSWITCHService Announces IP PBX for Retail Market

November 13, 2017

Ecommerce has provided a massive boost to retail markets. But, IP-based voice solutions can add to the benefits and are often implemented to aid retailers in establishing solid, trusting and thriving communication systems between merchants and customers. Consequently, businesses are better equipped to play in increasingly competitive markets. That is where FreeSWITCHService comes into play, announcing an IP-PBX software solution, largely for the retail industry.

VoIP provider FreeSWITCHService is a subsidiary of Ecosmob Technologies. A spokesperson explained the objective behind the company bringing its IP-PBX to the retail market.

 “The retail business is full of opportunities as people can now purchase things on the move using their smart devices. But then, this business requires a continuous focus on customer service to survive and thrive in intensifying competition. Not only that, the retailers have to manage the demand-supply chain as well in order to keep a balance between the consumer demand and inventory,” the spokesperson said.

FreeSWITCHService seeks to help retailers achieve both objectives. By replacing obsolete traditional telephony solutions with IP-based platforms, retailers instantly have access to feature-rich, scalable communications that can easily integrate with other CRM and contact center systems.  

A few advantages of IP PBX solution for the retail market are the accommodation of unified communications requirements. Additionally, the customized software will rid retailers of the yearly exorbitant phone bills. FreeSWITCHService has affordable voice transferring, video, and all types of data, including unlimited auto attendants, cell phone integration, caller ID customization, and CRM integration.

“Our FreeSWITCH IP PBX can be readily integrated with the existing PSTN network as the solution remains highly compatible with different communication-related systems. What’s more, our hosted PBX solution can offer a great mobility to the retail business and the retailers can readily establish a long distance communication using the VoIP gateways in a cost-effective manner,” added the spokesperson.

Retailers get the personalization that is needed to reduce costs yet benefits that will only enhance ecommerce for online retail sales. 

Edited by Erik Linask

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