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netsapiens Newest Addition to Simplicity VoIP Portfolio

November 02, 2017

When selecting business partners the search must be a measure twice, cut once-type scenario that requires comprehensive research and countless hours of vetting suitors. For Simplicity VoIP, its year-long process of scouring the UC space ended this week.

Simplicity VoIP announced the selection of netspaiens as the newest addition to the VoIP and hosted PBX provider’s unified communications (UC) portfolio of business phone solutions.  

“We are excited to bring netsapiens to market. As a cutting-edge solution, this is a win-win for our customers who want advanced functionality to drive efficiencies yet desire a reasonable price point to drive profitability,” said Ben Humphreys, Simplicity VoIP CEO.

The addition of netsapiens allows Simplicity VoIP to offer netsapiens knowhow and the VoIP SNAPsolution software platform, which is capable of delivering enterprise level call center features, mobile apps, SIP trunking, call recording and more. The new partnerships pairs nicely with the Simplicity offerings that include phones, equipment, SimplicityFax and managed services.

The new offerings are set for availability come December 1. In addition, Simplicity is offering prospective clients a free telecom audit to the first 25 businesses that inquire about the services.

“We are excited to welcome Simplicity VoIP as one of the newest members of the netsapiens community. As a trusted service provider in the Richmond, VA area and beyond, we look forward to working with them to give their customers more features and reliability. netsapiens has worked hand in hand with Simplicity VoIP to provide a more flexible UC platform that is easy to administer from an end-user perspective as well as from back end technical support,” stated Ken Adams, Vice President Marketing and Partnerships at netsapiens.

For Simplicity VoIP, the netsapiens is a nice portfolio addition. In the highly competitive VoIP and enterprise communications space, a robust set of offerings is vital to success.

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