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Star2Star Strengthens Salesforce Ties

October 27, 2017

The cloud era is upon, and with it comes a new generation of communications solution. And in this time of digital transformation, the last thing any cloud communications provider should do is sit on laurels. As companies continue the mass cloud migration, the competition is fierce so the technology is required to do the talking, if you will.

Today cloud communications provider Star2Star unveiled the new and improved StarContact System for Salesforce. The future-forward enterprise-level cloud communications empowers organizations to improve customer communications, as well as support and integrate with Salesforce.

Advanced call analytics point to areas of improvement. Team collaboration evolves, as with the analytics in place resources are utilized more efficiently, productivity is boosted and the customer lifecycle is for the most part completely automated.

Integration is seamless, as by leveraging the Salesforce REST API the process is quick and painless. And, completely customizable to organizational demands in addition to offering an optimized user experience. 

"We are proud to deliver another solution that generates a deeper level of success for our enterprise-level customers," said Michelle Accardi, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Star2Star. "StarContact's robust features and Salesforce integration provides businesses with customer-driven intelligence that increases overall satisfaction and productivity."

In deepening its Salesforce ties and functionality, Star2Star is sending a clear message to current and prospective customers. This laser-focused firm is aimed at enabling the workforce with the next generation in cloud communications solutions.

The cloud is no passing fad, neither is Salesforce. It certainly feels like Star2Star is heading in the right direction, but, only time will tell.

Are your communications in the cloud, yet?   

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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