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VoIP Trio to Offer Cloud2Edge Complete

October 27, 2017

Partnerships are the way of the working world. Companies partner for a number of reasons but bottom line, it’s the bottom line. And in the VoIP world, these ventures typically involve the channel or complimenting portfolios, but an announcement this week pits a trio of firms together to offer a complete VoIP solution.

This week, 888VoIP, Edgewater Networks, and CloudCo announced a partnership to offer Cloud2Edge Complete. This subscription-based bundle of services and tools is everything required to perform advanced network management and monitoring.

Cloud2Edge Complete put simply cuts cost for service providers, VARs and integrators deploying UC solutions. In addition to cutting cost, it is transformational core to edge management thanks to EdgeView Service Control Center, SIP Analytics, Report Server as well as premium support. Deploy and scale Network Edge Orchestration, and let the real-time service quality management begin.

“Cloud2Edge Complete offers our VARs, Integrators, and Service Providers a great way to rapidly deploy UC solutions and offer best in class service quality management”, said David Vance, Chief Operating Officer at 888VoIP, “As a Cloud2Edge Universal Partner, CloudCo Partner customers can immediately start to see cost savings and service quality benefits.”

For Resellers, the subscription-based service requires minimal initial investment by reducing Cap-Ex responsibilities on the Reseller. And, where certain components like the EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge for instance can see a reduction in price of up to 80 percent based on deployment scope.

“888VoIP is an excellent value-added distribution partner,” said Crystal Ferreira, Sr. Director of Channel and Sales Operations, “We are excited that, through CloudCo Partner’s hosted offering of Cloud2Edge Complete, 888VoIP will help expand Network Edge Orchestration benefit to all resellers, enabling them to provide a managed network environment from the core all the way to IP endpoints for their customers.”

They say two’s company, three’s a crowd. To this trio, three’s a party, and if things go to plan, this party will be quite prosperous.

What VoIP solution is your business using?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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