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Htek, Swoop Datacom Platform Provide Zero-Touch Provisioning

October 19, 2017

Zero touch provisioning is a feature often overlooked. In a world where companies seek ways to cut costs and add automation to improve efficiency and overall operations, zero touch provisioning is a way to provide just that.

This week, VoIP solutions provider Htek announced the successful completion of interoperability and certification on the Swoop Datacom platform. The result, ITSP users receive a means to reach zero touch provisioning and life management.

Navy Ding, chief executive officer at Htek says, “We are proud to have achieved this accreditation with Swoop Datacom and confident that our joint technology platforms create a powerful Htek phone configuration tool for ITSP users and an enhanced user experience for their customers.”

The new partnerships pairs the ForgeServe product with the Htek UC900 series IP phones to allow for quick deployment, customizable button functionality, remote rebooting and the tracking of live connection registrations using the Swoop Datacom user interface.

With Htek VoIP solutions, companies know what’s coming: reliable, feature-rich and exceptionalism overall. Its VoIP phones provide broad SIP compatibility, much in the way of value and a two year warranty.

“We are delighted to welcome HTek as an interoperability partner and confident that Htek partners will welcome the benefits of using ForgeServe. The ForgeServe platform supplies Resellers and Service Providers with a robust, scalable device management solution for the provisioning and management of in-life devices such as the Htek IP end points,” commented John Bennett, Founder and CEO at Swoop Datacom.

Partnerships will drive innovation, which is steering the digital transformation ship. From the c-suite and data center, to the conference room and contact center, cloud-based solutions are surging, and this recent announcement highlights how partnerships are pushing this trend.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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