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Antlion Audio Gets Down to Business

October 18, 2017

Antlion Audio is best known for the audio solutions it provides for the gaming community. But, this month, the company is expanding into the business arena with the introduction of ModMic Business.

This is a studio quality microphone designed for use in small office and home office environments. It features noise cancellation to filter out background distractions. It comes with a USB adapter, a mute switch, and a magnetic clasp for easy attachment and removal. And it work with PC, Mac, thin client enterprise VoIP, and unified communications environments.

The ModMic Business is available now. It’s priced at $49.95. And it can be purchased online at https://antlionaudio.com or through various other online sites.

"Over the last six years our ModMic line of high-quality mics have developed a loyal following among gamers around the world, and that's because they are reliable, affordable and because we've collaborated with those users to refine our designs to precisely meet their needs," said Elishaya Wisnievitz, CEO of Antlion Audio. "Today we are pleased to launch our new ModMic Business product and bring it to the small business and home office market. We are confident it will enjoy tremendous success with those users because we've followed that same playbook, and tailored this offering to the unique demands of the business community."

The ModMic line of products from Antlion Audio includes boom microphones that can attach to any pair of headphones or flat, non rubberized surface. That allows users to select their preferred pair of headphones and still have all the benefits of a high quality microphone, the company explains.

In addition to gaming, these devices are suitable for streaming and VoIP applications in call center, SOHO, and other environments.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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