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Park Bench, Phonism Make BroadWorks Better

October 06, 2017

Park Bench Solutions and Phonism have partnered to simplify life for service providers that use BroadWorks.

BroadWorks is application software from BroadSoft. It enables telcos and others to deliver business communications and collaboration services from a single platform.

Phonism sells VoIP phone provisioning and management technology. That saves service providers significant time in onboarding and support.

Park Bench Solutions says its company is an expert in BroadSoft BroadWorks-based solutions. The company offers a platform called Odin, which features APIs and Webhooks. All that allows for more efficient automation, integration, management, and provisioning.

“Our goal has always been to simplify, modernize, and automate any solution,” said Park Bench Solutions CEO Marc Tribbe. “This fits perfectly with Phonism. Together our combined platforms offer the most advanced automated end-to-end provisioning and management solution for every BroadSoft BroadWorks-based service provider.”

Phonism CEO Steve Lazaridis added: “We’ve seen demand for better device management capabilities in Broadworks before. With Odin, we’re able to offer an integrated solution for the market. Together we provide great value to service providers, allowing them to reduce costs in both onboarding and support. Working with Marc and his team has been a pleasure, and it’s great to be disrupting the market with another Tampa Bay company.”

Park Bench Solutions and Phonism be sponsors of the next Broadsoft Connections conference. That will take place Oct. 22 through 25, 2017 in Phoenix.

According to Synergy Group, BroadSoft is the leading cloud PBX and unified communications as a software provider in the market. It had 49.4 percent market share as of last year. That is far higher than the next largest player, Cisco, which had just 20.1 percent, the research firm said. And there is a big drop off from there, with Huawei owning just 4.5 percent of this space, by Synergy Group’s count.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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