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AsteriskService Delivers Finance-Focused Voice Broadcasting Solution

October 06, 2017

AsteriskService has been promoting its voice broadcasting solution for the banking and finance industry. The India-based company, which is a subsidiary of Ecosmob Technologies Private Ltd., develops customized communications solutions.

The one noted above leverages voice and SMS broadcasting. Reports indicate this solution is ideal for delivering notifications about loan and deposit offers, otherwise educating bank customers, sending reminders about EMI data, and providing warnings to defaulters.

This solution is automated. That means banking and other financial institutions don't have to dedicate employees to monitor it. This offering is available as a single or multitenant solution.

Solutions from AsteriskService also involve appointment reminders, call center communications, conferencing, CRM integration, currency conversion, direct inward dialing, hotel IVR, payment processing, ticket booking, session border controller development, WebRTC, and more.

“Communication plays a pivotal role in today’s business strategy irrespective of company size or business model,” AsteriskService and Ecosmob wrote in an Oct. 2 blog. “From building relationships to enhancing productivity, a robust unified communication system can serve many objectives in the workplace.”

The blog goes on to discuss the importance of IP PBX solutions. And it says that custom IP PBX solutions can help organizations better address their particular requirements. And it says that Asterisk-based IP PBX software offers the following three immediate benefits:

• Anywhere, anytime access: Employees can access the office phone system from anywhere on a 24/7 basis

• Virtual presence: Enterprises can get virtual phone numbers in cities where they don’t have any office

• Addition of phone lines: It’s easy to add new locations or phone lines with the customized software

Open source technology Asterisk was created years ago by Mark Spencer, who also founded the company Digium. In a recent interview with INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, a TMC publication, Digium CEO Danny Windham noted that Asterisk helped disrupt what at the time was a $50 billion market. And he noted that Asterisk is a widely deployed, successful, and vibrant open source project.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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