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Syn-Apps, Yealink Unify Communications

October 02, 2017

A-Team fans know how much Capt. Hannibal Smith loves when a plan comes together. The enterprise communications space is chock full of strategy, planning and the best of intentions, but many fall far short of the intended result. However, when 2017 started, Yealink proclaimed it to be the year of Yealink, and so far, this plan seems to be coming together nicely.

At the recently concluded Broadsoft Connection 2017, Yealink continued to expand its wide net of partners and future-forward functionality with the announcement of the integration of Syn-Apps’ notification software on multicast-enabled Yealink IP phones.

"Yealink is always pleased to work with industry pioneers like Syn-Apps to enable our users to enjoy the beauty of unified communication solutions," said Yealink Vice President Stone Lu. "And we think customers of Syn-Apps will also be impressed by the integrated solution. Yealink is looking forward to future cooperation for mutual benefits."

With the Syn-Apps integration, Yealink users gain access to a unified notification platform. Notifications can be sent between users in a group, whether on the road trying to close a deal, or across the office putting a proposal together, workflow is not disrupted and all parties are able to stay on the same page.

All regular communications, IP paging, emergency alerts and mass notification all come through the unified platform. This type of functionality facilitates accelerated incident response time, streamlined communications, and improved productivity and safety along the way.

Ian Pitts, President and CEO of Syn-Apps, LLC exclaimed, "We're proud to support Yealink customers by breaking down communication barriers and uniting fragmented systems and processes into a centralized platform to help people communicate critical information more efficiently, safely, and reliably."

Yealink is known for its feature-rich and future forward endpoints, this new integration builds on the Yealink tradition of innovation and ambition.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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