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Fact: Cloud Communications Improve Customer Service

September 29, 2017

In our data-driven world, data lights the way, firms of all shapes and sizes analyze what’s at hand, and determine best course of action. If we do “X,” then we can expect “Y.” What if I told you that if you deployed cloud communications you can expect better business outcomes? Recent research hammers this point home rather vividly.

New research from IDC, sponsored by Vonage, showcases the bounty of benefits a business gains in leveraging cloud communications. A picture may say a thousand words, but numbers never lie. According to the report, companies using CPaaS for customer communications and UCaaS for employee communication and collaboration note superior profitability, speed-to-market and customer satisfaction.

In short, selecting a cloud communications platform to support customer engagement and collaboration needs with support for our omnichannel world is an integral first step in any company’s digital transformation. Those hesitant to take the cloud plunge are laggards primarily out of confusion in the role cloud platforms can play in operations. While, regardless of industry, customer service leaders from vertical to vertical have a modern, cloud communications solution in place.

By integrating workflows, cloud communications improve productivity – take integrating CRM for example, instant access to customer purchase history gives context and allows for relevant and engaging sales offers. From the business side, by putting applications in the cloud, team members can work from one interface to address workflow needs.

The report indicates that over 70 percent of businesses are all in on CPaaS, with research projecting this number to surpass 90 percent in the next two years. Why the climb, because those with CPaaS in place report exceptional communications, support and customer service.

"While one would assume that strong communications users are the youngest companies or digital natives, it might be surprising to learn that many are established businesses that have realized they must be agile and transform how they do business," said Mark Winther, group VP of Telecom Custom Solutions, IDC. "Digital natives may completely disrupt an industry, but companies need to look at this as an opportunity to conduct business and engage customers in new ways. Our data clearly show that cloud communications enable businesses to quickly adapt and transform and, as a result, not only survive but actually thrive in their respective industries."

Cloud communications are a key component of our digital era, and those firms still on the outside looking in are missing out on all that today’s innovation has to offer.

Are your communications in the cloud?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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