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Htek, Uboss Unveil Cloud Portal Integration

September 12, 2017

With a premium placed on communication and collaboration, it is mission critical to provide one’s team with exceptional end points. Sure, you may have selected an “industry-leading” VoIP solution deployment, but the IP endpoints can serve a vital role in determining the quality of an interaction. The moral of the story: choose your IP handsets wisely.

Recently, Htek announced successful interoperability and certification on the Uboss OSS/BSS platform. With the successful integration of the Htex U900 series and the Uboss Cloud Portal, directories, feature buttons and configuration for each handset is stored and shared directly from the cloud.

Aside from Htek and Uboss, the big winners here are end users – specifically those leveraging Broadsoft VoIP solutions – as traditionally SIP handsets were intended to integrate with a number of soft switch platforms, which resulted in, what Htek refers to as “orphaned” functions or buttons. But, due to the fact that all functionality comes directly from the cloud this headache is alleviated.

Navy Ding, chief executive officer at Htek noted, "We are proud with this accreditation with Uboss and that our joint technology platforms create a more supportable IP phone integration for service providers and an enhanced user experience for their customers." Dave Dadds, CEO at Uboss adds, "The challenge for service providers is in bringing together different vendors to deliver the right communications mix for their customers. Uboss integrates their BroadSoft platform with different cloud elements, including CRM, cellular and ecommerce."

Uboss service providers have absolute control over the Htek endpoints from the Uboss cloud Portal, which means all configurations, from firmware to button functions and registrations can all be addressed from a singular location. In addition, the integration introduces what the duo calls “Key & Lamp” working that allows for service provides to institute system functionality popular on legacy CPE systems.

Communication and collaboration is at the heart of all things business, it is no surprise to see VoIP solution providers working together to offer robust IP offerings capable of enabling needs of today, and adapt for the demands of tomorrow. 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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