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Frozen Mountain, Xirsys Partner on WebRTC

September 06, 2017

Developers who use Frozen Mountain Software’s IceLink and LiveSwitch technology can now employ Xirsys hosted servers with just a single line of code. As a result, developers can very easily geodistribute their STUN/TURN servers through the Xirsys global network.

This is possible as a result of a new partnership between the two WebRTC companies.

IceLink is a software development kit that allows developers to quickly and easily add WebRTC-compatible peer to peer audio, video, and data streaming to their applications. It allows for media handling and peer-to-peer network communications. And it offers a single cross-platform API that can be used in native desktop applications, native mobile applications, and web applications.

Frozen Mountain Software’s LiveSwitch, meanwhile, leverages IceLink as an engine. And it extends peer to peer audio and video transmission with server-based audio and video for applications. This is for applications requiring mixing, recording, selective forwarding, and telephony integration.

As for the Xirsys platform, version 3 of it has been in beta for a while and just went into production. According to an Aug. 21 Xirsys blog, the company’s service has been completely redesigned with this version. It is now modular and distributed, which means server clusters can operate cooperatively but independently. That allows for very low client-to-server latency and “exceptional” redundancy, according to Xirsys.

“The Xirsys API has also been completely overhauled and provides new features and more robust analytics. But more importantly, it is now thoughtfully centered around real-time data and synchronous operations,” the company’s CEO and Co-founder Richard Blakely writes. “We know the API is key to a successful WebRTC application or service, and we spent the time here to get it right. You will see a whole lot of focus from us on this area from now on.”

WebRTC enables developers to easily bring real-time communications capabilities to existing and new software applications and platforms.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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