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SnapperNet Teams Up With 3CX on VoIP Solutions

August 16, 2017

3CX has been having a great few months. The company’s expansion plans seem to be going well, especially since it looks like organizations are lining up to become distributors. The latest company to sign on as a distributor of 3CX’s next generation software based unified communication solution is Snapper Network Distributors (SnapperNet).

The Aukland, New Zealand-based company will now be offering 3CX’s VoIP solutions to its customers. “Our goal is to provide complete, end-to-end VoIP solutions from reliable and proactive vendors to enhance the service that our resellers offer their customers. This new agreement with 3CX is a massive opportunity to further that goal,” said Richard Paul, Managing Director, SnapperNet.

SnapperNet is a pioneering member of the New Zealand telecommunications and network market. According to the announcement, it has built its success on a foundation that emphasizes support for resellers, systems integrators and installers. Now that it has partnered with 3CX, SnapperNet has shown strategic intelligence as well. It has chosen a partner that will enable its partners and customers to capitalize on its portfolio of solutions equipped with features that are not only cutting-edge, but cost-effective and convenient as well.

The company’s customers will also see additional support thanks to 3CX’s global network of experienced and dedicated partners that are all ready to assist with any challenge that pops up. From pre-installation to follow-up maintenance requirements, 3CX should be able to help tackle any problem that surfaces.

3CX is excited about this new partnership and what it means for the company’s future, with Yilmaz Kabaran, Sales Executive Australia & New Zealand, 3CX, saying, “Our new partnership with SnapperNet confirms our commitment and determination to increase our footprint in the ANZ market. We look forward to this new partnership with SnapperNet and are confident that they will offer a high level of customer service and technical expertise to our partners.”

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