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Cytranet Expands Presence Across US

August 15, 2017

Cytranet is a North American operator of secure, compliant, highly available VoIP and fiber networks. Over the years, it has become a well-known provider of VoIP telephone and fiber-based Internet services across the U.S. Additionally, the company keeps tabs on its clients’ mission-critical voice and data needs.

The company describes its offerings by saying, “Whether a business requires only simple Internet connectivity or complex multi-site WAN solutions, Cytranet delivers flexible, reliable and secure high-performance bandwidth options, connecting them to one of the fastest and most reliable networks. Cytranet's VoIP network covers the entire continental U.S., and the company boats a strong feature set of over 100+ premium calling features.”

Now, the company has announced the expansion of its services into 22 additional states. Company executives unveiled the expansion in the second quarter of 2017, and announced plans to complete the project by the fourth quarter of 2017.

Chase Nelson, Director, Cytranet, commented on the company’s decision to expand into the next 22 states by saying, “Companies today expect that the voice and data carrier they select will be flexible, providing reliable technology services that enable them to grow their business on their terms…The addition of these additional states to our already large infrastructures demonstrates that we are listening closely to the needs of our clients and are committed to helping them realize their business goals.”

Nelson continued on to discuss the year ahead for Cytranet, and how it hopes to improve further: “Our customers demand the most reliable and feature-rich voice services on the market. We design, build, implement, and manage these services nationwide. With thousands of phones in use, producing millions of minutes of voice traffic every month, our network is tried and proven…This has been a historic year for Cytranet so far…Recently announcing our company's refocus on the data and voice markets and launch into the national market, Cytranet has positioned itself as the fastest growing provider in the regional telecom space.”

Only time will tell if Cytranet fulfills its promise to be the fasting growing provider in the U.S. But with an additional 22 states added to its roster, the company is certainly off to a good start. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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