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Chip One Exchange Upgrades VoIP Solutions

August 14, 2017

For Chip One Exchange, keeping track of all of its employees has been difficult over the past few years. Since its inception in 2001, the company has grown substantially. It now employs 80 people in its German branch and a further 150 personnel in various locations around the world. The electronic components distribution company’s headquarters is in Neu-Isenberg, Germany, making it easy to communicate with German employees but difficult to keep tabs on other global workers.

For any company looking to put forth a global presence, having great communications solutions in place is essential. One popular avenue these companies take is VoIP. Not only is VoIP cost effective, but it also allows businesses to empower the mobile workforce and stay connected. With VoIP solutions, it doesn’t matter where in the world an employee is located; they can still communicate easily with other workers.

To make this ease of communication happen, Chip One Exchange chose to implement 3CX’s IP PBX solution in Neu-Isenberg. The company knew that it needed more advanced telephony in place to compete on the global scale, and 3CX had the solution it was looking for. Additionally, 3CX partner EURONET tailored a complete solution for Chip One Exchange that addressed many problem areas. 

“Thanks to our highly trained partners at EURONET, it was made clear that transitioning to a 3CX solution could enable our organization to cut telephony costs by 50 percent by using S2S trunks. We saw an opportunity to increase productivity, call handling, mobility and collaboration. The 3CX system enables us to meet our requirements for frequent modifications to dial plans and employees,” said Marcus Hoffmann, System Administrator, Chip One Exchange.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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