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3CX Seeks to Grow German Presence with Acquisition

August 07, 2017

Recently, 3CX has made it abundantly clear that its top goal is to expand its presence around the world. Through numerous acquisitions and a string of new partnerships, the company has been steadily working toward its goal. Most recently, 3CX acquired Askozia, a German provider of the Asterisk based IP telephone system AskoziaPBX.

Askozia was founded in 2013 and, since then, has developed into an established organization with impressive Linux technology. There are approximately 10,000 SMEs using Askozia at the moment, which makes the company the ideal candidate for 3CX’s acquisition plans. Now, 3CX can expand its market position in Germany while simultaneously integrating Askozia’s Linux technology into its own product. That’s a win on two different fronts, and one that 3CX is sure to benefit from in the long run.

“This acquisition sets another milestone for 3CX Germany. Askozia has a skilled team of handpicked individuals and along with the Linux technology that will now be integrated into our own product we expect rapid growth within the German market,” said Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX.

With the takeover of the Askozia team and their current premises, 3CX will also expand its presence in Hanover. Hanover is located in the heart of Germany and is home to CeBIT as well as many market leading companies. Therefore, the area is an excellent strategic choice for 3CX to have its finger on the pulse of the German market.

No matter how great the companies involved in an acquisition, there’s always a fear that the transition will not go smoothly, and customers will be negatively affected. However, customers and partners were ensured continuity and support through this transition, and all Askozia customers were offered a free 3CX license. Additionally, Askozia partners will be onboarded as 3CX Partners.

“In 3CX we have found an ideal partner to build on our success story. This acquisition enables us to contribute to the expansion of a big market player that is highly renowned for its pioneership in developing software-based communications technology. We are very excited to be part of this great venture of shaping the future of VoIP telephony in the German market,” stated Sebastian Kaiser, CEO of Askozia.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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