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Crisis Averted: UCM Deploys New VoIP Solutions

August 02, 2017

It’s safe to say that pretty much every industry can benefit from having efficient communications systems in place. Everything from a fashion company to an HVAC business needs to be able to communicate with its customers and employees as quickly and easily as possible.

However, you can easily argue that healthcare needs to have great communications systems in place more than any other industry. When it comes to saving lives, a few seconds can make a big difference, and operators shouldn’t have to worry about having connection issues. Unfortunately, this is a problem Uruguayan company UCM was having until recently.

UCM is a subsidiary of the global Falck Group based in Denmark and specializes in delivering pre-hospital emergency systems. The company has over 35 years of experience in the field, and yet it never had the appropriate VoIP solutions in place to keep it up and running as efficiently as possible.

UCM uses technologies on-board its mobile units and therefore needed a phone system that could keep up with all of the calls. Until very recently, it had an outdated NEC PBX in place, which limited its functionality and hindered the productivity of the company’s call center agents.

Luckily, the company finally realized that it needed to upgrade its system to something a bit more modern. That’s when UCM decided to look into 3CX’s VoIP solutions. UCM’s IT Supervisor Julio Blanco commented on the company’s decision to choose 3CX’s VoIP PBX by saying, “We have been very careful in choosing a new communication system for our sales and customer service call center. 3CX is a flexible, scalable and secure solution. Running 3CX on a virtual server, allows us not to be tied to a particular type of hardware. Having this kind of flexibility and redundancy is critical in a fast-paced operation.”

3CX’s VoIP PBX solution was successfully deployed at UCM’s headquarters, with no downtime to speak of. And, in the healthcare industry, that’s a major selling point.

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