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Htek Brings UC900 VoIP Phones to ClueCon 2017

August 01, 2017

Htek announced this week that it will be sponsoring the ClueCon 2017 Conference in Chicago from August 7-10. ClueCon, which is run by the creators of FreeSWITCH, is a technology developer conference that is focused on a variety of communications. From VoIP and SIP to WebRTC and video, ClueCon has an area of interest for everyone.

The event also features the Coder Games Hack-A-Thon, which serves to attract developers from around the world. With so many different types of people brought together through common interests, ClueCon serves as the ideal place for professionals to discuss and work on producing the next generation of technology.

Even more exciting than Htek’s announcement that it will sponsor ClueCon is the fact that attendees will have a chance to win the Htek UC900 PRIZE VoIP phones. Htek is a designer and manufacturer of enterprise VoIP phones and gateways. Since its inception in 2005, the company has provided customers in over 50 countries worldwide with high-quality VoIP solutions.

Htek's UC900 VoIP phones are an ideal prize because they offer cutting-edge features, broad SIP compatibility, great value and a two-year warranty. These features, specifically the long-term warranty, make Htek’s VoIP phones stand out from the crowd.

Attendees that are interested in entering for a chance to win Htek’s UC900 VoIP phones at the event can REGISTER HERE.

Htek will also be participating in ITEXPO this coming February 14-16. The company will be exhibiting at booth 820, so feel free to stop by to learn more about its VoIP solutions!

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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