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Duka PC Boosts Employee Productivity with VoIP Solutions

July 18, 2017

Duka PC, an IT solutions provider located in Denmark, is known for tailoring IT solutions to make them more accessible, customized and easier to use. The company specializes in providing fully optimized and ready to use products such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Ironically enough, for a company that specializes in facilitating operations, Duka PC’s own communications systems were not very convenient to use.

Until very recently, Duka PC had been running a multi-platform communications system that was proving to be difficult to work with. There was no seamless connection across all communication methods which, in today’s day and age, turned out to be a hardship deal breaker. Additionally, the system was lacking UC features such as call transfers and file management, both of which are important to daily operations.

In order to better serve its 50-person staff by boosting employee productivity and steamlining processes, the company turned to 3CX’s VoIP PBX platform.

“Managing our various systems was becoming an impediment to our larger corporate goals. We were spending [seven] hours per week managing and maintaining our infrastructure. This downtime stalled our internal initiatives, and our disparate systems prevented us from delivering collaborative and efficient service for our customers. 3CX was the logical choice, as it enabled us to outsource for greater cost control, management, and the ability to deliver an industry-leading solution,” stated Mark Amdi Jensen, Team Leader, Duka PC.

Complea, one of 3CX’s partners, helped Duka PC deploy the VoIP solution in a matter of hours, avoiding any downtime. As a result of the new VoIP PBX, Duka PC commented that it instantly saw a reduction in its PBX administration. Additionally, the company said that productivity and mobility were significantly increased.


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