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DigitalPhone.io Solves School's VoIP Fiasco

July 11, 2017

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when there are a lot of variables in play. A competitive VoIP market, for instance, would make it difficult for companies looking to transform their telecom to decide which provider would best suit its needs. With everyone claiming to be the best, how can a business know it’s making the right decision when choosing a VoIP provider?

Oneida Baptist Institute, an internationally-renowned boarding and day school for students in grades 6-12 founded in 1899, recently made a mistake when choosing its VoIP provider. The school’s VoIP phone system carrier repeatedly failed to meet its quality, performance and service obligations.

“We had switched to a VoIP phone system in January. The phone quality wasn't the greatest, and then came the number porting fiasco,” commented John Monday, Oneida Baptist Institute's Director of Development. “They gave me every excuse under the sun as to why they couldn't port the numbers that we needed. Finally, I had enough, and realized that we needed a partner that would provide us with better service, and treat our problems and needs with urgency instead of indifference.”

Recently, Monday decided that enough was enough, and he contacted DigitalPhone.io. DigitalPhone.io (formerly Carolina Digital) is a pioneer of hosted phone services, and provides products that improve the capabilities of business and education telephony while reducing their overall cost. And, unlike the school’s previous VoIP solutions provider, so far DigitalPhone.io has followed through on its end of the bargain.

The first thing DigitalPhone.io did after being contact by Monday was to discuss several important aspects with the team. DigitalPhone.io's Partner Manager Brant Yandell helped the team understand the technical aspects of porting numbers to their VoIP phone system; explained that their previous carrier lacked both the in-house expertise and the financial interest to get the job done; and described how DigitalPhone.io would solve the problem. Essentially, Yandell provided Monday and his team with a detailed overview of the problem and how it would be fixed. For this reason, the school chose to trust its DigitalPhone.io with its VoIP issues.

A customized plan was then developed, and now the school's VoIP phone system is comprised of approximately 100 users and 130 devices, all of which went live in May without any delays or issues.

It can be difficult to weed out the good companies from the bad in a market that’s full of options. However, Yandell’s approach to solving the problem was a good indicator that DigitalPhone.io would deliver on its promises. So, be sure to ask questions and listen for thorough responses when seeking a VoIP solutions provider.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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