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Comguard Infosol Strengthens VoIP Offering

July 06, 2017

These days, VoIP solutions providers seem to be teaming up left and right to ensure that they’re reaching all corners of the Earth with their offerings. Htek recently appeared in Mexico with Experiencia Sip, BroadSoft teamed up with C3ntro Telecom and Htek announced support for the 3CX V15.5 BETA release.

Speaking of 3CX, that company has been making some major plays in the market lately. From Iran to South Africa, 3CX’s unified communications solution is quite literally everywhere. So it should come as no surprise that, once again, the company has forged a new distribution partnership.

This time around, 3CX is welcoming India’s Comguard Infosol as an official distributor of its solutions. This partnership is a direct result of Comguard Infosol’s quest to find an IP PBX provider that would fit well with its existing VoIP solution offering. Comguard Infosol already had a wide suite of enterprise-grade features to offer its customer base, but it knew it needed an IP PBX to seal the deal and make its VoIP solutions competitive with others in the market.

That’s where 3CX came into play. Harish Rai, Country Manager of Comguard Infosol India, believes that 3CX’s offering will help Comguard Infosol maintain its reputation as a reliable value added distributor of network security solutions in India.

“We are excited to add 3CX to our portfolio as it will enable our customers to implement cost-efficient VoIP solutions and improve their companies’ performance. We understand how important secure and seamless voice communication services are to business operations today and this partnership will provide the end-to-end quality and reliability that our customers expect,” said Rai.

3CX is excited to join forces with Comguard Infosol as well, with Marko Sipila, Sales Executive MENA & Asia, 3CX, saying, “Comguard and 3CX customers in India will now benefit from an affordable, enterprise level solution with unbeatable support and service. 3CX will be giving a boost to the VoIP solutions market as well as Comguard’s customer base with an innovative product and our latest release, version 15.5.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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