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3CX Joins Forces with Parseh Negar in Iran

July 03, 2017

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 3CX is slowly but surely taking over the world. Although, maybe not so slowly after all. Over the past few months, the developer of next generation software-based Unified Communications has partnered with others all around the world, bringing its IP PBX VoIP solutions to areas such as South Africa, Spain, the city of Sorgues and Azerbaijan.

From hotels to government buildings to an entire city’s infrastructure, 3CX’s VoIP solutions are keeping countless places afloat. Now, the most recent country to get on board is Iran. 3CX announced recently that it has partnered with Parseh Negar, a leader in the ICT space across Iran, making Parseh Negar an official 3CX distributor.

Parseh Negar has a great reputation throughout Iran, making it the ideal partner for 3CX. Thanks to its commitment to quality training and customer support, the company is well known as one of the most innovative ICT pioneers in the region. Consequently, according to the announcement, this has led to strong partnerships across a number of verticals. Parseh Negar works with a variety of government organizations, universities, telecoms, the oil industry, as well as financial institutions and private companies since establishing its headquarters in the heart of Tehran.

Aside from giving 3CX a leg up in yet another part of the world, Parseh Negar’s customers are also set to benefit from this new partnership. They’re likely to gain a competitive edge over their competiton, as 3CX solutions help to accelerate speed to market. They’ll also be gaining access to a robust network of certified channel partners that are ready to offer support at a moment’s notice.

“It’s our pleasure to join 3CX’s global team. We are confident that our customers will be able to grow with 3CX’s solution and in turn, we expect to grow alongside our customers. It’s a true win-win deal. By closely monitoring the market and competitors’ prices, we have found that 3CX has the best price and sales structure to obtain the greatest market share,” said Mohammad Reza Javanbakhti, CEO, Parseh Negar.

Chalk up another success for 3CX. 

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