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Htek's VoIP Solutions Support the 3CX V15.5 BETA Release

June 26, 2017

Unlike traditional phones, which come hardwired with a single platform, VoIP phones can be configured and made compatible with communication solutions from many different vendors. For the manufacturers of the VoIP phones, such as Htek, integrating multiple VoIP solutions with its phones gives its customers more options. That’s why Htek has announced one of its technological partners, 3CX, and its V15.5 BETA release, will be supported by its phones and VoIP solutions.

Htek exclusively manufactures desktop phones, analog telephone adapters, and gateways for VoIP solutions with the UC800 and UC900 line of phones and accessories. In addition to 3CX, the company also has technological partnerships with BroadSoft, Alcatel Lucent, Yeastar, Texas Instruments, Allo and others.

As a software-based, open standard, IP PBX solution offering comprehensive UC solutions, 3CX is used by leading IP phone manufacturers, enterprises and service providers. According to the company, the Alpha release of V15.5 was well received, and the BETA version will bring a larger audience to test the platform, as it made several improvements and fixes.

The new features of V15.5 include: a Web client; integrated hotel module; click to call Chrome extension; Fax G711 fallback; UA CSTA + CSTA Module to control 3CX Clients, Yealink, Snom and Htek VoIP Phones; average talk time per call wallboard; MOH playlist; and more.

The 3CX platform support for open communications also includes WebRTC as part of its overall UC solution. The company's WebRTC enables video and voice communications through a browser without having to download any additional software or plug-ins.

Having a clientless collaboration platform gives businesses of any size access to conferencing technology without investing in propriety hardware and software, as well as costly on premises systems. The 3CX WebRTC solution delivers a clientless platform with one-click conference, Bandwidth Management and Control, interoperability with VoIP and video, unlimited users, a polling tool for feedback and more.

The technological integration Htek promotes for its products with other vendors gives businesses a choice in the highly competitive VoIP solutions market. It also signifies it has passed operational and integration tests to ensure full compatibility so companies can use the VoIP phones out of the box without any issues. Support for the new 3CX V15.5 BETA release will increase the capabilities of Htek’s VoIP phones as it continues to test the platform in real-world applications. 


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