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Edgewater Improves VoIP Solution Delivery with EdgeMarc 2900 Series

June 15, 2017

Service providers and enterprises face quality and security issues when they want to implement VoIP solutions. They are able to overcome this problem by deploying Intelligent Edges on the customer's network edge. This improves voice quality and visibility by supporting more options, including SIP trunking and hosted unified communications. The availability of Edgewater Networks’ EdgeMarc 2900e Intelligent Edge devices will provide the same features while future-proofing them in a flexible, scalable, and secure platform for service delivery and quality management.

According to Edgewater Networks, the new devices are suited for Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking applications that do not require analog lines. The dual Ethernet and Optical WAN connections of the 2900e extends the company's Network Edge Orchestration platform with support for WAN connections up to 1 Gbps and 300 concurrent calls. It can be used for SMB applications or midmarket deployments.

Edgewater has also added scalable configuration capabilities that are based on session license and field upgradeable to address the needs of growing businesses. When it is combined with EdgeView Service Control Center and EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge, along with the level of connectivity and flexibility of the platform, operational expenses will decrease.

“We’re excited to announce the availability of the first Intelligent Edge in our EdgeMarc 2900 series that enables service providers to deliver optimized VoIP solutions to nearly every use case in the market. The inherent flexibility and power of the EdgeMarc 2900 enables deployments in SMB environments with as few as five seats to enterprise environments with thousands of seats,” said Chris Kolstad, VP of Product Management at Edgewater Networks.

The future proofing, the company pointed out, will add more functionality by providing both outbound and inbound analog line (FXO/FXS) support for PSTN fail-over, fax and overhead paging applications.

Edgewater Networks will make the EdgeMarc 2900 platform available in its Cloud2Edge Complete SaaS-based service delivery model. For customers with a low entry barrier, they will be able to afford the monthly subscription. Cloud2Edge includes full EdgeView Service Control Center functionality with technical support, maintenance, pooled software licenses and more.

Since it was founded in 2002, Edgewater Networks has been trying to simplify the way service providers and enterprises install IP-based voice, video and data solutions. By making the configuration process faster and more efficient, it lowers the time to market for new services. The new EdgeMarc 2900e Intelligent Edge devices expand on these capabilities with more features and fewer complications when deploying VoIP solutions. 


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