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Elision Technolab Introduces Multi-tenant IP PBX

June 14, 2017

The list of options available to businesses when it comes to communication solutions can at times be overwhelming. In the past, telecom operators bundled these options together, giving the customer little choice when it comes to selecting the service they really need. In today's à la carte, pay as you go digital environment, organizations have the flexibility to choose only the service they need. Elision Technolab is continuing this model of service delivery with global availability of its multi-tenant IP PBX platform, as the company expands its VoIP solutions with advanced communication features to new regions and customers.

Elision Technolab provides global VoIP solutions with carrier-grade, advanced communication technology. The company integrates its technology in network, data, video and voice infrastructure, which lets organizations use the service right away without additional investments.

A multi-tenant IP PBX solution lets the landlord and tenant deliver and access a wide range of communications services using a Web-based configuration and virtualization to isolate the system of one business from another. This separation offers more control, as well as being able to provide services for new streams of revenue.

The landlord can add new PBX systems to support multiple services, including setting rates for inbound and outbound calls, hosted answering services, emergency support connections and more.

For the tenant, which can be individuals, SMBs and even large enterprises, depending on the landlord, it translates to more options at better price points without long-term contract lock-in. According to Elision Technolab, some of the services include: call routing, extension to extension calling, conferencing, call on hold, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, E-911 emergency number support, and more.

Organizations with multiple branches can deploy the multi-tenant IP PBX as a central hub for a seamless communication platform between all of the locations. The system can be customized with new module development for the integration of services with open source IP PBX and VoIP solutions.

More than anything, multi-tenant IP PBX systems deliver the flexibility to access and deploy services that are essential for the way we communicate today. Whether it is audio or voice on smartphones, tablets and PCs, organizations large and small have more control to use the technology they pay for without having to worry about contracts and limitations.

Edited by Alicia Young

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