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VoIP Provider Ecosmob Launches New Software

June 08, 2017

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market has been an impressive one by most every standard, thanks to the sheer amount of value it delivers for its users. Recently, Ecosmob—itself a major presence in the VoIP and Internet protocol private branch exchange (IP-PBX) fields—brought out some new IP-PBX software that would deliver plenty of value to the multi-tenant provider.

Ecosmob's new software now offers a wide array of extra features for the end user, allowing said user to not only offer up VoIP service, but go beyond that to include things like video calling, multimedia operations, and access from anywhere via remote network bridging. That's a great start, but even with Ecosmob's more standard features, users will still see quite a bit of value.

More standard features of the system include call queuing, several types of call transfer, conferencing systems, music on hold systems—which is generally only a little better than complete silence as it proves the call is still connected—voicemail and other options.

One of the leading points Ecosmob's system has in its favor is its ease of use. With a hosted IP-PBX able to be deployed in a matter of hours and multi-tenant providers able to manage customer counts in the hundreds with such a system, there's a clear value here to be had. It's even possible for providers to assign rights or offer specific features according to needs on the ground. Ecosmob can even offer continuous support, but even the company admits that this level of care is “rarely needed,” going on to note that “...we do not charge anything for minor mods.”

All of this is worth pointing out, because one thing is clear: Ecosmob is facing no shortage of competitors in the VoIP and IP-PBX markets. Many of the more basic features listed in the preceding paragraphs are just table stakes to walk into the market, not really competitive advantages. Sure, Ecosmob will have some value going for it in terms of ease of use and a clear commitment to customer service, but even here it's going to be hard-pressed to fend off the sheer number of competitors who will likely be exercising similar strategies to hold an advantage going forward.

Ecosmob's offering is likely going to be a powerful one in the field, but it's going to have to be to face down its competitors. There's simply too much market here and too many eager competitors looking for a slice of the VoIP and IP-PBX market to not do the most possible just to differentiate from the field. Still, it's great news for the customer, who now has a dizzying array of options.  

Edited by Alicia Young

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