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Ecosmob's New VoIP Mobile Dialer Targets Carriers

June 01, 2017

It's no secret that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has exploded in the last few years, offering the ability to connect for significantly lower prices than many standard telephone networks while also offering services commonly unavailable except in the highest-priced models. With that has come a slate of new developments in the field, and one of the latest is the new line of VoIP mobile dialer solutions for mobile carriers from Ecosmob.

The Ecosmob mobile dialer system is designed to offer mobile carriers a way to better compete against major established figures in the market like Skype and WhatsApp by offering a simple, easy to use mobile dialer for VoIP. This allows access to a potentially simpler way to connect than even many of the majors can offer, as well as a means to offer access to features that some of these may not offer either.

Reports note that Ecosmob's mobile VoIP dialer can include services like file and image sharing, instant messaging, call statistics information, and support for several codecs including session initiation protocol (SIP) accounts. There's even room here for added security, a measure which many will find welcome and some will find indispensable in terms of keeping up with regulatory demands.

With a system like this, reports note, mobile providers can draw more users into the fold by offering new services, services that are in some cases even enhanced from what's currently available. It actually becomes possible for mobile carriers to offer calling services via 3G, 4G, or even Wi-Fi connectivity and provide a certain level of free calling services. That in turn can go a long way toward providing brand loyalty and keeping those new users.

The only real problem to a setup like this, of course, is that it's stepping into a market where competitors have already taken market share, and thus, trying to get customers out of established market patterns will be a particular challenge. The good news, though, is that by offering even a limited amount of free service, it's a safe bet that at least the price-sensitive components of the market will come out of established systems and move over to the newcomers. Those who go to offer such a service, therefore, will need to work hard to ensure that service remains at or near the same level of quality that is currently seen.

Still though, Ecosmob's system is likely to facilitate at least a certain amount of customers jumping ship. That could be good news for mobile providers, assuming they've got the quality on hand to back up the enticement of free or reduced cost services to keep the market share they'll likely take.

Edited by Alicia Young

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