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888VoIP Expands Product Portfolio

May 31, 2017

888VoIP, the Buffalo based provider of both hardware and software for VoIP solutions, has announced a partnership with VTech Communications in order to expand its product portfolio. As a result of this partnership, 888VoIP will now be able to sell VTech’s business and hospitality phones as well as Snom business phones. This move is an especially encouraging one for 88VoIP, as it allows the company to expand its clientele beyond general business use and also cater to hospitality providers like hotels.

Though they are subtle, there are nonetheless differences between the phone systems required for businesses and for those in lobbies and in guest rooms at hotels. They have different connectivity needs, and a slightly different user interface that is tailored for the user. As such, it was very important to 888VoIP that it acquire the rights to sell phones specifically geared towards hospitality in order to expand its portfolio. This yields another way that 888VoIP can get its unified communications software in the hands of more users.

“With the addition of VTech, our reseller and service provider customers now have a whole new market in the hospitality industry that will be available to them,” said David Vance, COO of 888VoIP, “VTech offers an affordable, quality solution across their SIP, hospitality, and conference phones lines. We are looking forward to the growth opportunities for our current customers and potential new ones.”

This deal is also a valuable one for VTech Communications. Allowing 888VoIP to sell its product line opens up a new market of customers in the upstate and western New York areas. It also gives it another opportunity to showcase the business phones of Snom, a recent acquisition.

“888VoIP's unified communications combined with the VTech and Snom portfolio will bring more high-quality SIP options to small- and large-sized businesses,” said Ernie Levenson, president of VTech. “Our recent acquisition of Snom positions VTech as a leader in VoIP hardware and software development.”

This partnership between 888VoIP and VTech Communications is one that should benefit both sides. This is yet another example of VoIP software providers working with creators of hardware in a symbiotic relationship to further their business growth.

Edited by Alicia Young

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