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New Tool Helps Companies Implement Best VoIP Solutions

May 30, 2017

VoIP has quickly become a great alternative to traditional telephony. Landlines and other technologies are being replaced all over the world by VoIP solutions. The problem is, though, that not everyone does the right amount of research when making the switch to VoIP.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. For our purposes at the moment, Internet is the keyword here. In order to use VoIP effectively, businesses need to have reliable Internet. The great call quality and reliability associated with VoIP solutions may seem magical, but at the end of the day it’s all made possible thanks to the Internet.

Unfortunately, many people fail to consider the speed of their Internet service providers (ISP) when making the move to VoIP. As a result, there have been quite a few disgruntled customers over the years. Customers that were promised great quality have been experiencing jitter and unstable calls that underperform overall, which is the opposite experience of what VoIP is supposed to bring about. And, like most people, people who are angry with their VoIP solutions tend to abandon hope for the technology altogether.

That’s why VoipToners.com has released its new VoIP Speed Test Tool to help consumers through the decision making process. The new tool is available for free and allows anyone to test the performance of their ISP to make sure that it’s capable of handling the VoIP services they’re looking into. The test tool pings your network at home or office to the nearest server, regardless of where you are from. It then records the download and upload response time to show how quickly your ISP can handle requests if using VoIP. With this information, the tool can recommend suitable VoIP lines that will provide clear calls.

Although VoIP solutions are inexpensive alternatives to traditional telephony, businesses still need to spend some money to get the technology and put it in place. Companies deserve to have their money well spent, and the new tool from VoIPToner.com can ensure that that happens.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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