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Schools Looking to VoIP Solutions as Safety Precaution

May 23, 2017

There are a number of places VoIP can be used. From large enterprises to small mom and pop shops down the street, the markets VoIP can benefit are many. One area where VoIP is starting to be used more is in educational institutions.

As a recent article by Richmond Bizsense points out, “In this era of heightened security, instant communications and declining revenue for facility upkeep, a reliable and secure communications network that increases productivity and efficiency has become a necessity for schools. In fact, schools have a unique set of needs that Hosted VoIP can address more easily than any other.” That statement could not be truer. Unfortunately, there are more security concerns surrounding schools than ever before, and it’s important for administrators to be able to contact help immediately in case of emergency. For that, schools need a reliable communications system to be in place, and that’s where VoIP can come in to play.

The article continues by looking at a case where Simplicity VoIP worked with St. Andrew’s School, which is located in Oregon Hill in the city of Richmond. Simplicity VoIP hoped to help develop a hosted VoIP solution that would meet the school’s individual needs, and it excelled in that endeavor.

Before Simplicity VoIP swooped in to save the day, the school was suffering from an obsolete premise based phone system that was not providing the fast and reliable communications the school needed. Additionally, the small school had a tight budget, which drastically limited its options and made the timeframe for deployment shorter.

Does this sound like a familiar scenario? These issues are common reasons why most people switch to VoIP. Although these problems are not only found in schools, they’re obstacles that many schools do in fact face. Simplicity VoIP was able to provide the school with VoIP solutions that got it back up and running quickly, without breaking the bank. Now, students and administrators can rest easy know that, if need be, they can make calls quickly.

Simplicty VoIP isn’t the only provider capable of quickly getting VoIP solutions up and running. Other providers like Htek and TieTechnology are also well known for helping both large and small businesses save money while switching to VoIP.


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