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OneBill and 888VoIP Integration Delivers Increased Automation

May 22, 2017

For service providers, automation plays an important role in making the organization more efficient as more solutions are introduced. The longer it takes their customers to order, provision and activate a particular service, the more money they lose, and there is also a greater chance they might look for another provider with automation systems to simplify the process. A new collaboration between OneBill Software and 888VoIP is going to allow service providers to streamline their provisioning and order approval processes with an integration of both their platforms that will automate these functions.

Smooth revenue management is getting more difficult as service providers keep adding to their product offerings. Subscription models that include mixed, one-time and variable charges can result in billing processes and invoicing full of mistakes. OneBill has a revenue management solution with seamless billing that can quickly be deployed and scale to adjust to business needs without creating compatibility issues with existing systems.

OneBill was established in 2010 to develop software focused on revenue management by removing the complexity across industries, departments, processes, third-parties and integrations. The company provides full-lifecycle revenue management and automation to its customers so they can adapt quickly to market conditions without costly and time consuming legacy systems.

For 888VoIP, a value-added VoIP hardware & software provider, making its family of products available easily to its partners is key to increasing customer acquisition. The real-time integration between OneBill and 888VoIP platforms is going to automate a range of functionalities, including device order management workflow, order provisioning and service activation. This includes white labeled partners/resellers, who will be able to experience all the features of the OneBill platform.

The integration will allow 888VoIP and its partners to perform rating, billing, taxation, payment tracking, collections and notifications functions with automation, thus reducing the manual processes of their businesses to focus more on growing their revenue.

“With this integration, OneBill service providers can streamline their subscriber's hardware purchases directly to us and have certified hardware configured and shipped right to their customers all within one order process. Using this integration will dramatically improve upon order-to-installation time and simplify the sales process by removing the need to reach out to a third-party hardware vendor,” said Mike Evanisko, Chief Technology Officer at 888VoIP.

The OneBill features are also going to be extended to the 888VoIP Channel Advantage Program, which will offer customizable provisioning packages, technical support, advanced API, personalized training and education programs, and custom marketing collateral. 

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