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Alianza to Provide VoIP Solutions to BARC Connects

May 17, 2017

BARC Connects is a wholly owned broadband subsidiary of Virginia-based BARC Electric Cooperative. As a cooperative, BARC Electric provides electricity to rural areas in Bath, Alleghany, Rockbridge, Augusta and Highland Counties, which was a rarity when it was established in 1937. With BARC Connects, the cooperative is looking to do the same for broadband services: make it available at rates the residents in these counties can afford. The company BARC has selected to provide VoIP solutions for residential and commercial phone services is Alianza.

The BARC Connects project is going to begin fiber services in the summer of 2017, with the goal of bringing fast fiber-optic Internet directly into the homes of these rural communities. According to the company, over 4,000 homes and businesses will be connected in the first phase of the project, with more to follow. In addition to Internet, TV and telephony services will also be available for the residents.

“Phone services are an integral part of our broadband service offering, and in our rural area, remain an impactful service to provide our members. Partnering with Alianza to deliver a full suite of voice services puts us in the best position to maximize our customers’ experience, as well as our business case for fiber broadband,” said Mike Keyser, CEO of BARC Electric Cooperative.

The Alianza Cloud Voice Platform has been selected to provide reliable phone service, which is of great concern to the residents of these counties. The Alianza platform gives broadband providers the ability to deliver VoIP solutions without having to invest in equipment at the BARC Connects network. For rural communities with a small customer base, the capital and operational expenditures in complex and expensive equipment generally limits the types of services they can deploy. The Cloud Voice Platform from Alianza removes all of those concerns, instead allowing BARC to increase its revenue potential with new services.

“With this member-backed investment in fiber, BARC Connects is providing a great service to its community. Our solution will help them achieve financial goals and deliver excellent service to their customers,” commented Justin Cooper, Alianza’s Vice President of Business.

The Alianza Cloud Voice Platform gives cable, mobile, telco and other broadband providers a Web-scale, turnkey virtualized software solution to offer VoIP and UC services that can be launched quickly and customized to address needs of local customers. According to the company, the cloud delivery platform provides VoIP solutions without capital expenditure and a SaaS model. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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