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3CX Gives Synchramed a Boost with New IP PBX

May 15, 2017

There are a variety of businesses that can benefit from VoIP on a daily basis. Floral shops, schools, doctor’s offices and countless other businesses, both large and small, use VoIP for cost savings and more efficient operations. Recently, a provider of administration, billing and debt collection solutions for medical practitioners also jumped on the VoIP bandwagon, as Synchramed made the decision to start working with 3CX.

3CX is a 100 percent channel company and is the developer of a software-based and open standards IP PBX which innovates communications and replaces proprietary PBXs. The company is also largely known for cutting telco costs and boosting company productivity and mobility. For these reasons, South African company Synchramed chose 3CX to implement a new IP PBX solution at its Johannesburg headquarters.

Synchramed is known for providing high quality software and collection services, yet it did not have high quality equipment of its own. Synchramed’s IT Operations Manager, Mozel van Niekerk, decided it was time to implement a more modern solution as it became clear that its legacy phone system was failing to meet its needs and was incompatible with other software and technology. Essentially, the company was seeking a phone system to give its call center a much needed boost, and it also wanted to benefit from the advanced reporting features 3CX offers for better analysis of call center activity.

According to Niekerk, the decision to switch to an IP PBX with the help of 3CX has paid off so far. He said, “3CX has given us much needed insight into our call center statistics. It’s a necessary tool to help manage our workload and workflows.”

Additionally, 3CX partner Platinum I.C.T. installed Synchramed’s new PBX in a matter of hours without incurring any downtime. This is an important point to note, as downtime is a fear many companies have that keeps them from making the switch to VoIP. Too many people believe that switching over their systems will result in wasted time and a loss of productivity. However, this case shows that that is not true, especially because Synchramed employees were able to learn the ropes right away with no training required.

Thanks to this switch, Synchramed is now enjoying lower costs and higher levels of productivity. And that’s a win all around. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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