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Mypark Ditches Analog PBX for 3CX VoIP

May 10, 2017

It's always important to consider exactly what systems are currently at use in a business. Those who fail to do so may be missing out on an array of opportunities, or worse, setting up future failures down the line as competitors gain advantages from upgraded systems. Recently, Mypark made a big step forward in voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) access by getting rid of its analog private branch exchange (PBX) solution, and replacing it with an IP PBX from 3CX.

Mypark, a parking management system that operates throughout Belgium to the tune of around six million vehicles processed every year, needed a new way to connect its various employees, and turning to a VoIP-style operation like IP PBX seemed like sound planning. With that in mind—as well as the substantial amount of business it did every year—the company started considering alternatives.

With a fiber optic network already in place, and Mypark's current analog-based Avaya Tennovis system unable to integrate fully with said network—not to mention running up an annual bill of better than 12,000 Euros in maintenance costs—the company made the choice to move to 3CX. With such a move, the company could not only save big—reports indicate a 60 percent savings in maintenance costs—but also deliver more value, offering better customer service thanks to easier communications between employees. Moreover, the system wasn't even down long as a result of the changeover; 3CX, with assistance from Tel4You, managed to get the new VoIP system in place in a matter of hours.

Site manager Pierre-Henri Laureyssens commented, “The migration from our analog system to VoIP, apart from the savings realized in terms of investments and deployment costs, has greatly improved the customer’s experience in regards to our services. Communication with the users is now of exceptional audio quality despite the difficult acoustic conditions in our underground parkings.”

Better communication does have a way of making better service come about, especially when it becomes possible to ask questions more rapidly and deliver better answers. The cost savings alone would have been welcome here, but when you not only lower costs but also improve revenue—satisfied customers tend to come back, and that means repeat business value—the end result is a better chance at profitability. Businesses can improve profit just by lowering costs, but it assumes static earnings. Working to raise earnings at the same time improves all around.

It's all just from one VoIP push, and Mypark has plenty of reason to be glad for its move to 3CX. It's a simple change, but one that might pay off big down the line. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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