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Edgewater's VoIP Certified for Interoperability

May 08, 2017

Last week, Edgewater Networks announced that its VoIP software solution, Edgemarc Intelligent has been officially certified for TWAMP interoperability with Panasonic DECT IP phones. This is an incredibly important development for the VoIP solutions provider, as Panasonic has been and continues to be a very well trusted brand that is already in use at many businesses around the world. The fact that Edgewater’s solution is now officially certified on this hardware means that businesses can enjoy total piece of mind when implementing a VoIP system using the software solutions provider, as they now know for a fact that there will be no issues with compatibility.

This certification means that businesses will now be able to collect data with greater depth than ever before while using the Edgewater platform on Panasonic endpoints. This new integration will bring powerful data analytics tools to all the conveniences that are already found when using VoIP systems, all without the need to purchase or install any new hardware. This will make Edgewater’s solution even more attractive to businesses.

“There is an increased demand in the market for the in-depth data collected via the TWAMP functionality, which further enables service providers to proactively identify and remediate issues on the customer LAN,” said Jennifer Kidd, VP of Business Development for Edgewater Networks. “The QuickConnect certification validates a seamless integration between Panasonic TWAMP endpoints and EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges, which centrally captures TWAMP data and delivers it to service provider technicians for analysis and performance measurement.”

In a day and age where IT departments at businesses want to ensure the fewest possible amount of issues, this certification is an incredibly valuable one for Edgewater. Now, when businesses are weighing which VoIP phone system to purchase, they can look at Edgewater and have the peace of mind to know that their system will work with their existing Panasonic hardware. The fact that Edgewater worked so hard to achieve this certification is a fact that will undoubtedly pay off for it in the future.

Edited by Alicia Young

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