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TieTechnology Talks Up VoIP and Floral Prodigy

May 08, 2017

There's an old saying that, if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. Not to be taken literally, of course—those in possession of a hammer don't start hallucinating nails—but rather expressed in the sense that some solutions start to look like solutions to more problems than some expect at the outset. For TieTechnology—a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) solutions provider—there's one field where this hammer can address a lot of nails, and that's in the flower delivery field.

The TieTechnology system has been regarded as one of the best VoIP company for floral operations around, and has taken to showing others how its services can be used to bulk up business in the flower shop field through the application of VoIP systems. Since VoIP includes a variety of benefits inherent in its operation, TieTechnology notes, that makes VoIP particularly useful in certain businesses, in much the same way TieTechnology is valuable to florists.

VoIP offers improved call quality thanks to the nature of the transmission. Where plain voice goes out over copper wire, VoIP uses compressed data packets sent out over the Internet, which is a step up in terms of latency. Reduced latency means better call quality, and that latency reduction also means costs go down for long distance and international calling.

Plus, VoIP can readily be integrated with current phone systems. A growing number of floral-specific software systems like Teleflora's Floral Prodigy, Mercury and Dove, among others, can be directly integrated into VoIP operations, making transfer smoother and less expensive. That ready flexibility also makes for an easier setup and easier configuration, and should a florist need to switch storefronts, the system readily moves along with the florist's other operations.

Throw in easy management for phone numbers and extensions, as well as access to a variety of powerful features often only available on the most premium of straight phone services—if such are even available in a particular area at all—and the value of VoIP practically sells itself.

Naturally, VoIP isn't all that great in every operation. For those who do a lot of business by phone, however, VoIP is indispensable, or at least should be. This is a connectivity technology that allows for clearer calls—always vital when placing an order by phone—and allows for ready access to systems like call recording (don't forget to check your local laws around the use of call recording first) and analytics features that allow for better understanding of the patterns a business faces.

For those who don't have many phone calls, or don't do much calling outside the local area, then the regular alternative should do well. For those who want more, though, start with a look at VoIP.

Edited by Alicia Young

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