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Two NHS Surgeries Deploy 3CX's IP PBX Solution

May 03, 2017

The healthcare industry relies greatly on effective communication to carry out many of the services they offer to their patients. These communications can take place during an office visit in order to consult with an outside expert, or in real-time during surgeries using video and audio as part of a larger unified communications platform. Two National Health Service (NHS) surgeries based in Leeds, UK have deployed the 3CX IP PBX solution after witnessing the successful implementation of the technology at other facilities.

The NHS was launched in 1948 with the goal of making healthcare available to UK residents. The program currently serves 64.6 million people in the UK, employs more than 1.5 million people and has an overall budget of around £116.4 billion, or $150 billion. This includes thousands of facilities that are now being connected to use their resources more effectively.

The 3CX IP PBX platform is going to provide a VoIP solution integrated with unified communications features that will give the two surgeries in Leeds access to many different options. This includes call recording that is part of the IP PBX without additional cost in order to abide by healthcare regulations in the UK.

The IP PBX is going to be delivered by The Technology Group, a 3CX partner with Platinum status that has been providing its technology for public and private organizations, including the NHS, prominent UK Colleges with 1,000+ users, and Blue Chip businesses.

“The new system implemented by The Technology Group has dispelled all our previous hang ups about hosted telephony and new technologies. With our dedicated internet line we have had a consistent and reliable service and the call quality we have experienced has been great," said Peter McIntyre, Practice Manager, Vesper Road.

The IP PBX from 3CX comes with a PBX Express Tool that allows customers to have their own hosted PBX in a hosting provider of their choice. This offers the flexibility of purchasing the solution and moving it on premises at a future date, while retaining settings and data under the control of the customer.

According to the company, there is no lock-in, and it provides free choice of SIP trunks and the customer's data and settings are theirs from the start. Additionally, there is dedicated PBX that is not affected by other tenants with the scalability to address any growth, even migrating on premises.

A Web-based management interface removes the limitations some hosted PBX providers place when it comes to the availability of features to customers. With the 3CX management interface, customers can configure their services with full access to enterprise PBX and UC features, including: customizable IVR / Digital receptionist; built in Call Queues / Contact Center; Voice Mail, Fax to inbox, Presence; Integrated text messaging and Chat; and Video and Web conferencing.  

Edited by Alicia Young

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