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Legacy Shutdowns Create Opportunities for Resellers, Service Providers

May 01, 2017

This will be the last year SwissCom will sell ISDN services. And BT plans to curtail its ISDN service and shut down its public switched telephone network in 2025. These events, software-based IP PBX supplier 3CX says, will create exciting new opportunities for resellers and service providers in Europe.

That’s because these events will require customers to transition to other networks and services, like VoIP. And resellers and service providers can be there with solutions and support to help these customers make the transition.

“With three million ISDN lines still in play, resellers or service providers with no plan in place to convert these customers to IP telephony are potentially walking away from tens of millions of pounds of potential income,” said Paul Clarke, U.K. manager for 3CX, as reported by U.K. media outlet ChannelBiz.

But resellers and service providers need to do more than simply approach prospects with VoIP telephony solutions, he added. They need to help them understand how VoIP has advanced in quality since it was first introduced in the 1990s. And, he said, they would also do well to understand how VoIP solutions can create the foundation to support additional services beyond voice.

If they do, resellers and service providers can talk to these customers and prospects about how VoIP solutions can help them move into the future. And it can help resellers and service providers upsell these customers over time.

Significant events in communications like the shutdown of legacy networks and the discontinuation of heavily used services like ISDN emphasize the need by businesses for trusted advisors that can guide them to the best services and technologies to meet their specific needs. The marketplace is crowded with a lot of offerings, and that can be confusing to many businesses.

As Drew Lydecker, president of master agent AVANT, mentioned in a recent interview with me: “This is the golden age of being a trusted advisor.”

Edited by Alicia Young

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