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Moving to VoIP? Here's What You Need to Know

April 25, 2017

It's not surprising to see more businesses these days interested in taking up the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gauntlet; there are too many worthwhile reasons to do so to not actively consider it. A new report from In The Black illustrates how this concept can bring both cost savings and new opportunities for revenue growth too.

First, VoIP services aren't just about cutting costs. While certainly, cost-cutting is in the picture, it's not the only point to keep in mind here. Yes, for businesses that do a lot of long-distance or international calling, VoIP can represent a huge cut in monthly bills. Yet there are also new opportunities that can come around as well. VoIP often offers access to the best services that may cost a fortune on landline bills—another savings—if such are even available at all.

This means that businesses can take advantage of key features like hunt groups and find-me-follow-me systems that allow incoming calls to be routed to the best department. That means a better customer experience, which means improved chances of return business, and that generally means more revenue.

Next, there are issues of setup to keep in mind. While it can be simple, or complex—often depending on the number of users—it's still different for most every operation, which means keeping these notions in mind is important. Since Internet access quality varies from place to place—the slowest speeds in some areas would be speeds people in other areas would kill to have—it's also important to know what's available and if it can accommodate the demand on traffic.

Finally, consider the use of multi-line options. Sometimes known as a virtual private branch exchange (PBX), such a system can replace a standard PBX and provide many of the same benefits that a single-line VoIP operation does, but for multiple-line users. There are even options for hosted PBX systems, with similar benefits but on a system controlled elsewhere.

While there are certainly potential problems associated with VoIP use, many of these can be addressed before the setup phase even begins. By keeping these points in mind, it opens up the clearest path to the best results: a profitable end with huge cost savings and a greater shot at improved revenues.  Whether improving a customer experience or just getting access to reduced costs, the potential business benefits of a VoIP service are too great to readily ignore.

It will take some legwork from interested businesses, but the good news here is that there's no shortage of opportunity connected to VoIP operations. It's the kind of thing that any business that isn't already using such technology can readily consider, and likely should.

Edited by Alicia Young

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