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Htek Unveils UC900 Line of VoIP Phones

April 03, 2017

It’s no secret that VoIP solutions are one of the best ways to keep your office technology relevant. In today’s global world, it’s all about connecting, communicating and collaborating, and you can’t do any effectively without having the right technology in place. That’s where VoIP phone solutions come in, and Htek has recently launched a line of IP phones that are sure to make a difference in every office setting.

Htek is a designer and manufacturer of enterprise IP phones and gateways that has been providing customers worldwide with VoIP solutions since 2005. Its most recent line of VoIP phones, the UC900 IP phones, focuses on cutting-edge features, broad SIP compatibility and a two-year warranty, all of which provide customers with the best possible value and set Htek apart from the competition.

The UC900 line is made up of five different phones: Gigabit Color IP Phone UC926, Gigabit Color IP Phone UC924, Gigabit Color IP Phone UC923, Classic IP Phone UC903 and Enterprise IP Phone UC902. All UC900 phones offer a modern design, crystal-clear sound thanks to unique, dedicated chipsets designed by Texas Instruments, a full set of advanced features, a two-year warranty, HD audio, a full-duplex speakerphone, two Ethernet ports, five-way conference calling and POE (power over Ethernet) and more.

Image via Htek

Another feature that’s important to the UC900 line’s design is its approach to upgrades. Anyone who’s ever used any kind of tech knows how badly upgrades can backfire—completely shutting down a system and making it useless. This has been a major problem in the past for companies regarding their phones; Htek recognizes that firmware updates are inevitable and necessary, but also wanted to find a way to protect phones in case upgrades fail. That’s why the UC900 line has advanced technical capabilities that will remember the last known working version of firmware and will automatically roll back to that version in case of firmware update failure. This ultimately reduces downtime, which is essential to keeping a business up and running.

Downtime is also depleted thanks to Htek’s speedy deployment. With Htek’s provisioning services, deployments are fast, easy and automatic, and can be done remotely. Htek uses HTTPS RPS (Remote Provisioning Server), sets the MAC address into the Cloud RPS, and then dispatches the phone to the desired user and location. The user then simply plugs the phone into the LAN, the phone connects to the Cloud RPS—where the MAC address is recognized and matched against the user details— and the RPS then starts to automatically provision the phone for use.

Image via Htek

Although there are several benefits to the UC900 line, perhaps one of the biggest pros is that it provides support for some of the world’s most popular PBX and telephony platforms. This interoperability is in direct response to a problem that many companies face when searching for new VoIP phones: not everything is compatible. It can be incredibly difficult to find a phone that works with your current systems. Htek addressed this issue by ensuring that its UC900 line works with 3CX, Broadsoft UC-One, Alcatel-Lucent, Asterisk, Bicom Systems, Elastix, FreePBX, Yeastar and Xorcom, to name a few.

With this new VoIP phones line, Htek hopes to make a difference for companies worldwide. Each phone in the line varies slightly to meet the needs of a variety of businesses, but they’re all sleek, accomplished and affordable. And who doesn’t want that?


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