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Htek Announces Interoperability with 3CX

April 03, 2017

Like the old saying goes, “There’s strength in numbers.” This couldn’t be more true, especially in a competitive market like VoIP. It seems like every day there’s a new company popping up, claiming to have the best VoIP solutions available to meet all your needs. So, in order for companies to set themselves apart, they need to rely on those around them to prove that they truly are the best, thus lending credit to the idea that there really is strength in numbers.

Teaming up with other reputable companies has become one of Htek’s strengths. The VoIP solutions provider of sleek, accomplished and affordable IP phones has been working with 3CX, a provider of software-based, open standard IP PBXs that offer complete Unified Communications (UC) features, since 2014. However, the partnership was strengthened recently when Htek announced that it is now fully compatible with 3CX phone systems.

“3CX are truly a world class innovator and leader in IP Phone System technology” says Htek’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Stephen Corrigan, “We are truly honored to be working with 3CX to deliver a quality and cost effective solution set to the channel.”

The two companies worked together to create a solution that allows users to control their IP phones from their desktops. The ease of use this solution would provide has the potential to increase productively gains immensely—which is something everyone would benefit from. 

Image via Htek

Thanks to this new solution and interoperability, HTek and 3CX can now provide seamless CTI desktop integration with all Htek IP Phones and 3CX Phone System V15. This partnership also ensures full interoperability between 3CX and Htek products, which gives partners and end users peace of mind because they no longer have to worry about whether or not their phones will work with their existing systems.

To ensure quality, all new products are fully tested and validated by 3CX before their release, guaranteeing there are no compatibility issues when using Htek’s IP phones with the 3CX Phone System. The companies have even provided a step-by-step guide for users about how to configure the Htek UC9 Series for 3CX, ensuring that there are no problems with deployment.

Together, Htek and 3CX have the potential to revolutionize IP phone capabilities. 


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