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TMCNet:  IPCopper USC8032 Brings Real-Time 10Gbps Network Visualization & Signature Matching to Packet Capture

[February 20, 2018]

IPCopper USC8032 Brings Real-Time 10Gbps Network Visualization & Signature Matching to Packet Capture

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- IPCopper's newest multifunctional network appliance combines database engine, firewall, data processing, network visualization and signature-matching in one robust yet nimble machine, while retaining the high-speed packet capture with GPS time synchronization and other reliable features of its previous generation IPCopper packet capture appliances. The USC8032's cutting-edge technology and sleek design bring unprecedented value and functionality to managing and monitoring enterprise networks.

Fast, real-time rules-based packet sorting and data presentation give the instantaneous ability to visualize network data in graph form, as well as retrieve packets for closer examination. In its standard configuration, the system can process and sort packets in real-time into over 10,000 data "buckets," each with its own rules to describe data scenarios. Possible scenarios range from simple (find packets from an IP address) to complex (see if more than 10 packets / second larger than 2800 bytes and containing the keyword "bitcoin" pass through on Tuesday afternoon to this destination). A built-in system of triggers and alerts automates routine data monitoring with a high degree of accuracy and granularity.

The firewall engine builds on the sophisticated data processing and rule structures to block or allow packets with finely tunable recision, with options to toggle between different firewall rule sets based on schedules or automatic pre-set triggers and retain copies of blocked packets. The flexibility and granularity may be utilized to implement network access controls with variable restrictiveness depending on protocol, time and other parameters or current network conditions. Full payload signature matching at over 3.6 Gbps makes tracking the movement of thousands of files and conducting real-time protocol decoding and threat monitoring possible without slowing network traffic.

This powerful appliance is highly adaptable and customizable due to its XML / Javascript interface and, with a database engine capable of processing over 10,000,000 records per second, lends itself to any number of custom applications integrating data processing, visualization, automation and recording, even beyond the processing of network packets. In a custom application, the USC8032 could both monitor, translate and organize data into human-readable format, be it to create a database of VoIP traffic, email exchanges, industrial application traffic or medical records transmissions to support document retention policies and management and provide searchability. Putting the USC8032's signature matching capabilities in perspective, it could be adapted to translate 3.5 million keywords (case-insensitive) / second with a 50,000-word dictionary (that's 17,500 pages / second).

USC8032 Benchmark testing results with full packet capture, firewall and storage:

  • Minimal rules: 8.8 Gbps and 7,000,000 pps.
  • 10,000 IP + MAC and frame-size rules: 8.65 Gbps and 6,500,000 pps.
  • 10,000 signatures + IP, MAC and frame-size rules: 3.6 Gbps and 800,000 pps.

For more information visit ipcopper.com/product_usc8032.htm.

IPCopper, Inc.'s network appliances deliver high-performance packet capture and analytics to industry and governments. The company's newest appliances incorporate versatile high-speed data processing with data capture and visualization for unparalleled multi-faceted solutions to network management, data processing, access control and performance and security monitoring.


Kathryn Ash

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