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Alicia Young is a 2016 graduate from Western New England University, Summa Cum Laude. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature along with a minor in Communications. Alicia has always been an avid reader, which fuels her love for editing and writing. She has had an essay published in “Fresh Voices: An Anthology of First Year Writing” at Western New England University, and has completed successful editing internships with Dzanc Books, The Borgen Project, and Anthem Press.

Latest Articles

08/19/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: Chip One Exchange, Htek, SnapperNet & More
08/16/2017 SnapperNet Teams Up With 3CX on VoIP Solutions
08/15/2017 Cytranet Expands Presence Across US
08/15/2017 Htek to Exhibit at Channel Live 2017
08/14/2017 Chip One Exchange Upgrades VoIP Solutions
08/12/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: 3CX, Frontier, BroadSoft & More
08/09/2017 BroadSoft and Cable & Wireless Team Up On 'MyUC'
08/07/2017 3CX Seeks to Grow German Presence with Acquisition
08/05/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: Meritis, Htek, 3CX, UCM
08/02/2017 Crisis Averted: UCM Deploys New VoIP Solutions
08/01/2017 Htek Brings UC900 VoIP Phones to ClueCon 2017
08/01/2017 Htek to Participate in 3CX Training Sessions
07/31/2017 Meritis Improves Operations with VoIP Solutions
07/27/2017 How Safe is Your VoIP Solution?
07/26/2017 Hosted VoIP Florida Takes Orlando by Storm
07/25/2017 Aavalar Teams up with Ancero for VoIP Solutions
07/24/2017 BYOD Policies Cause VoIP Market Growth
07/22/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: BroadSoft, Duka PC, Securus & More
07/19/2017 Industry Demand to Cause Substantial VoIP Growth
07/18/2017 Duka PC Boosts Employee Productivity with VoIP Solutions
07/17/2017 Securus Provides VoIP Solutions to Criminal Justice Customers
07/17/2017 BroadSoft Receives Recognition from Frost & Sullivan
07/15/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: DigitalPhone.io, IPmatika, BroadSoft & More
07/13/2017 BroadSoft Announces Connections 2017
07/12/2017 IPmatika Expands Reach with New Partnership
07/11/2017 DigitalPhone.io Solves School's VoIP Fiasco
07/08/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: 3CX, PartnerNET, BroadSoft & More
07/06/2017 Comguard Infosol Strengthens VoIP Offering
07/05/2017 BroadSoft Joins Forces with C3ntro Telecom
07/05/2017 PartnerNET Teams Up with 3CX
07/03/2017 3CX Joins Forces with Parseh Negar in Iran
07/01/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: Htek, 3CX & More
06/27/2017 3CX Joins Forces with Nology to Expand Reach in South Africa
06/26/2017 Htek Finds Success at BeFree 2017
06/26/2017 Hteks Finds Success at BeFree 2017
06/24/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: Htek, 3CX, Sennheiser
06/19/2017 3CX Brings VoIP Solutions to Spain through Partnership
06/19/2017 Htek to Present Workshop at BeFree 2017
06/19/2017 Htek Signs On As Bronze Sponsor for BeFree 2017
06/17/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: GeoComm, Edgewater Networks, Elision Technolab & More
06/13/2017 New 9-1-1 Solution Saves Lives
06/10/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: Htek, Bicom, 3CX, Ecosmob
06/07/2017 Htek Partners with Bicom Systems
06/06/2017 The City of Sorgues Turns to 3CX for VoIP Solutions
06/05/2017 Htek Finds Success at CommunicAsia 2017
06/03/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: LAPD, 888VoIP, Ecosmob & More
05/30/2017 New Tool Helps Companies Implement Best VoIP Solutions
05/24/2017 The Future Looks Bright for VoIP Solutions
05/23/2017 Schools Looking to VoIP Solutions as Safety Precaution
05/20/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: Htek, 3CX, Alianza & More
05/16/2017 Baker Tilly Azerbaijan Deploys VoIP Solutions for Improved Productivity
05/15/2017 3CX Gives Synchramed a Boost with New IP PBX
05/13/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: TieTechnology, Amazon, 3CX & More
05/06/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: SYSCOM, 3CX, Frost & Sullivan & More
05/06/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: SYSCOM, 3CX, Frost & Sullivan & More
04/29/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: 3CX, BroadSoft, Sentera & More
04/25/2017 VoIP Solutions Help Sentera Reach Global Expansion Goals
04/24/2017 3CX PBX Improves Operations at Bastion Hotels
04/22/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: Htek, Georgetown University & More
04/22/2017 VoIP Solutions Week in Review: Htek, Georgetown University & More
04/19/2017 Choosing the Right VoIP Phone for Your Company
04/03/2017 BroadSoft and Htek Join Forces
04/03/2017 Htek Unveils UC900 Line of VoIP Phones
04/03/2017 Htek Announces Interoperability with 3CX

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Hosted VoIP Solution
BroadSoft is the leading, worldwide innovator of Voice over IP (VoIP) applications that is transforming how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

For over 10 years BroadSoft has been at the forefront of the IP telephony industry, helping to advance the convergence of voice, video and data. Today, BroadSoft is the backbone of more than 500 telecommunications service providers' networks and empowers them to deliver enhanced and personalized communications and entertainment services to businesses and residential subscribers.

SMB Solution
3CX is the developer of 3CX Phone System which is an open standard unified communications platform for Windows that works with standard SIP phones and replaces any proprietary PBX. 3CX Phone System is more manageable than standard PBX systems and delivers substantial cost savings while increasing productivity. Some of the world's leading companies and organizations use 3CX Phone System, including Boeing, Mitsubishi Motors, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Harley Davidson, City of Vienna and Pepsi.


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